Guy Smarts: The Bentley Bentayga v8: Less engine can still mean more fun

The Bentley Bentayga v8: Less engine can still mean more fun

We took one of the 600-horsepower super UTEs to complete a California double (surfing and skiing in the same day) last year and proclaimed Bentley's big brawler a savage brute in a bow tie.

We’ve sampled the W12 Bentley Bentayga extensively.

We took one of the 600-horsepower super UTEs to complete a California double (surfing and skiing in the same day) last year and proclaimed Bentley’s big brawler a savage brute in a bow tie.

It had heaps of power, surprising poise when chucking it into a corner, and the ability to affix a beaming smile on your face in 3.5 seconds: the precise time it takes the 5,600-pound beast to rip to 60 MPH.

So when Bentley announced a V8 version of the Bentayga, we wondered if the little brother would be just as capable and thrill-inducing as its older sibling? The V8 variant is less expensive, less powerful and has a lower top speed compared to the W12, but does any of that matter? We went to Austria to find out.

The Drive


Our route started about 80 miles southeast of Munich, Germany, in Kitzbuhel, Austria. It’s a town occupied mostly by wealthy weekenders looking to enjoy the mountainous slopes, but it also has some of the best (and worst) driving roads in the world-the perfect place to test the Bentayga V8’s handling, ride, and performance. We also squeaked in a few Autobahn blasts, for good measure.

Look at That


It’s the same basic shape, but the lads at Crewe have done a decent job of making little brother stand out. One of the first things you’ll notice about the Bentley Bentayga V8 is its lack of shiny chrome trim pieces. The Bentayga V8 utilizes an all-black “chrome” finish on a variety of exterior components such as the grille, side skirts, bumper trim and even headlight enclosures. It’s just enough to completely distinguish the vehicle from the W12 variant and ever so subtly break up the otherwise large body panels into digestible pieces that flow nicely as a whole unit. The look is more sinister than sinuous, and we like that.

Don’t Look at This


Another distinguishing feature on the V8 is something Bentley calls “twin-quad” tailpipes, which is a way to utilize the styling from both dual and quad exhaust systems and mix them together. We would’ve preferred one or the other, as the resulting shape is something that detracts from the rear end instead of adding to it.

Cockpit and Cabin


A Bentley Bentayga V8 takes 130 hours to assemble from start to finish, but that doesn’t seem so staggering of a figure when you look at the inside. Because it’s all handcrafted at Bentley’s headquarters in Crewe, you begin to understand why a vehicle like this takes so long to put together. (We know because we visited the factory and the famed Mulliner division, which handles bespoke work for any Bentley model.)

All of the switches, knobs, and levers have an immensely satisfying tactile feel. Even the deliberate sounds they make are pleasing. The seats, of which you can get four, five, or seven, are wrapped in the highest quality leather with double stitching available to elevate the level of craftsmanship even further. It’s a painstaking process, takes twice as long to make, but the resulting look is something truly unique. It’s very un-Volkswagen (Bentley’s parent company) and that’s very much the point.


For the V8, high-gloss carbon fiber panels replace traditional veneer surfaces. When combined with the red Cricketball interior, as our test unit had, the result is much more luxury speedboat than SUV-especially in the four-seat configuration.

Adult friends or extremely privileged children sitting in the rear will be fully entertained with the optional entertainment units. Each has its own headset, so each passenger can enjoy their own music and if the rear passengers don’t like what the front are playing, they can override it and play their music through the front. Also, there’s a gentleman’s function in the back right seat that lets the passenger push the front seat forward for more leg room. When deployed, you get a seating set up much like first class.


More, Please

Bentley prepared an ice course for us to experience the off-road capabilities of the Bentayga V8. At first glance-and walk-nothing about the course indicated it would be safe, fun, or provide any meaningful feedback about how the Bentayga V8 behaves off-road, considering we could barely stay upright on our feet. Then we drove it.

The Bentayga V8 has eight driving modes, and when equipped with Pirelli Sottozero snow tires, “Bentley” mode does an incredible job of keeping the vehicle calm, composed, and in a straight line-even when there should be no traction. That mode selection is what the engineers find to be the perfect mixture of sportiness and comfort. It’ll have enough pep to get hauling but sans any jerkiness on throttle tip-in and minus wallowing in corners.


With any mode, however, any driver input gets detected and digested by the Bentayga’s computer, which determines the appropriate response to your driving style. If the surface below is pure ice, the Bentayga will retard the throttle so you don’t spin your wheels. If the surface below is snow, the Bentayga portions the power to various corners to give you enough momentum to avoid getting stuck. The result is a vehicle that effortlessly pushed and pulled its way through sections of ice and snow with finesse. But rotating the drive dial to “off-road” is where the fun begins.


With traction control still enabled, “off-road” mode allows more sideways slip. When you’re mid-corner and feather the throttle, the V8 unleashes a bit more torque so the tires slip atop the ice. A bit of countersteer initiates a mega poweslide, and the Bentayga’s traction control system allows you to keep it there-provided smooth inputs. Most traction control systems would freak out, lighting up the dashboard like a Christmas tree, the Bentayga relishes in oversteer.

Less, Please

With a Bentley comes a certain expectation of comfort and luxury, regardless of seating position. In our four-seater test unit, the back seats could barely recline without having to move the seat forward, meaning you could have only one-a reclining seat with no legroom or legroom and no recline.

The Future Is Now

The Bentayga V8 has oodles of driver aids including lane assist, road sign recognition, and even night vision, but the real magic is the way the Bentayga V8 manages it’s heft and high center of gravity. An adaptive 48-volt active roll system prevents the Bentayga from washing around corners like a bath tub full of water, and instead behaves like a planted, proper sports car. It’s a clever way to rectify something that could’ve spoiled the driving experience entirely.


Get Real

The Bentayga V8’s motor, the highest revving ever in Bentley’s storied history, was co-developed by Porsche providing peak power (542 horsepower) at 6,000 RPM, while torque still comes in strong at a whopping 568 lb-ft at just 1,960 RPM. And even though the W12 has more torque and more power, the V8 is just more fun to drive because you get to climb the revs. The resulting V8 burble that comes from the exhaust is quintessentially Bentley-it’s there, especially at low RPMs, but never in your face or shouty about it.

Read President Buhari’s Children’s Day Message

 Children's Day
President Muhammadu Buhari
has released a statement to commemorate this year’s Children’s Day.

In the statement, Buhari highlights the home-grown school feeding programme and the Campaign to End Child Marriage which was launched in 2016 as part of the things his administration is doing to better the lives of children.

Read the message below:

Today affords me another opportunity to re-affirm our Administration’s commitment to the protection of children, a day to reflect on our roles and responsibilities as Parents and Leaders towards our children, and also assessing how far we have fared in this regard. As you may recall, one of the cardinal objectives of this Administration is the provision of quality education to our children as a fundamental foundation of economic and social development. In this regard, I am pleased to inform you that this Administration has recorded measurable success in the home grown school feeding programme as it has continued to expand. Our children are our future, and the initiatives that come from them give confidence that our country has a bright future. I am always inspired and encouraged when I remember encounters I had with three of our young ones. When I was on medical vacation in 2017, three year old Maya Jammal recorded a prayer for my recovery, which went viral online.

Also, 10 year old Aisha Aliyu Gebbi wrote a personal letter to me, describing herself as my “biggest fan”. Nicole Benson, then 12 years old, had contributed the sum of Five Thousand, Seven Hundred Naira and Eighty-Five kobo (N5,700.85) to my campaign in 2015. The money was all saved up from her lunch and pocket allowance. There are millions of such children nationwide.

I am very impressed by what our children have been able to do, and what the future holds for them. That is one reason why we are committed to the school feeding programme, to prepare a future generation of physically and intellectually robust children. At the last count, over 8.2 million children in 24 states of the Federation are being given free meals daily. This happens in 45,000 schools round the country.

I therefore call on all stakeholders to support this programme to ensure that all the 36 States of the Federation and FCT are covered. This will promote substantially higher enrolment levels in our schools. Since its inception in May, 2015, this Administration has also focused attention on addressing issues of child protection, participation and survival. In 2015, the campaign to end violence against children was launched which was commemorated in 2016. In November 2016, the Campaign to End Child Marriage was also launched to ensure that as many children as possible are able to fully enjoy their childhood and be protected from all the challenges associated with this phenomenon. These campaigns have been reinforced with sensitization campaigns in some States of the Federation. The theme for this year’s celebration “Creating Safe Spaces for Children: Our Collective Responsibility” is an opportunity to promote the safety and security of our children. As a responsible Government, we are committed to ensuring that children are protected from violence and exploitation against them, and, that their environments are safe enough for them to pursue their educational attainments, discover their full potentials to grow into responsible citizens. This Administration has made giant strides in the protection of the Rights of the Nigerian Child and as a result of such efforts, Nigeria has been declared a Pathfinding Country on Ending Violence Against Children.

This I believe is a collective achievement and I urge us to continue to build on the present momentum to achieve the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In our efforts to protect our children from abuse, exploitation and trafficking as well as provide safe, non-violent inclusive and effective learning environment in our schools, this Administration has directed the management of all Federal Government Colleges and advised all state owned schools across the Country to provide adequate measures of safety and security of their students. I again call on all schools management committees at all levels of public and private institutions to take adequate security measures and put in place mechanisms for safety of children.

May I therefore call on the Families, Security Agencies, Traditional Rulers, Religious Leaders, Civil Society Organizations, Human Rights Activists, and the Society at large to rise up and take urgent and decisive actions to stem the unacceptable rising cases of violence against our children. We must ensure safety of our children in homes, schools, markets, worship centres, on the streets and everywhere at all times. Furthermore let me use this medium to appeal to parents not to relent in their efforts to send their wards to school, especially the girl child as her education reduces infant and maternal mortality and prevents early and child marriages. It also increases literacy and reduces poverty. The saying that to educate a woman is to educate the nation is very apt in this regard.

Finally, while I appreciate the security agencies for their efforts so far, I urge them to redouble their efforts in protecting children from danger and violence in line with the provisions of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Child Rights Acts, 2003. Once again, happy Children’s Day.

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Guy Smarts: The Rock on depression: ‘You’ve got to talk about it, and you’re not alone’

The Rock on depression: 'You've got to talk about it, and you're not alone'

The Skyscraper star appeared on ITV's Lorraine recently, and a discussion of his newborn daughter led to Johnson talking about his lifetime battles with mental illness.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has quickly become one of the biggest names in Hollywood opening up about depression.


The Skyscraper star appeared on ITV’s Lorraine recently, and a discussion of his newborn daughter led to Johnson talking about his lifetime battles with mental illness.

“Depression doesn’t discriminate, and I thought that was an important part of the narrative if I was going to share a little bit of my story of the past,” he said.

“Regardless of who you are or what you do for a living or where you come from, it doesn’t discriminate, we all kind of go through it. If I could share a little bit of it and if I could help somebody, I’m happy to do it.” 

Johnson noted that the conversation – and ongoing stigma – around depression needs to change with men. “There’s just a DNA, a wiring in us and a constitution that oftentimes doesn’t let us talk about when we’re scared or vulnerable or things like that,” the actor said.

“It’s kind of like what’s been deemed as ‘toxic masculinity.’ You’ve got to talk about it and you’re not alone. I was an only child and I kept that bottled in, deep, deep. It wasn’t good, so [I am] happy to share my story.”

Earlier in 2018, Johnson opened up about his family’s history with mental illness in a lengthy Instagram post detailing his mother’s suicide attempt when the actor was just 15.

“Struggle and pain is real,” he wrote. “We’ve all been there on some level or another.”


The Rampage star then took to Twitter to further explain his own battles.

“We all go thru the sludge/shit and depression never discriminates,” he wrote. “Took me a long time to realize it but the key is to not be afraid to open up. Especially us dudes have a tendency to keep it in. You’re not alone.” 


As anyone with a working pair of eyeballs might have guessed, Johnson has said that he primarily deals with sadness by exercising.

“My knee-jerk reaction to sadness is some sort of action,” he said during the Rampage press tour. “I like to go do something. For me, the going to do something, it sounds boring and cliche, but it is what it is with me, I gotta hit the gym.”

He’s on to something. Studies have shown that getting active can cut a person’s risk of depression by 19 percent. But what’s important is recognizing you have a problem in the first place. If you ever notice one of the eight symptoms of depression, there are numerous ways to seek help for depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses.

Share your own moment of #HowIGotHelp and let your voice inspire other men.For more information on how to get help for anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues, please check out our list of resources. If you would like to locate treatment services in your area, call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Treatment Referral Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

The Nigerian Water Ski and Wake-Board Federation make history in Jordan (Photos)

Yees! The Nigerian Water Ski and Wake-Board Federation made history. The Founder & President, Screen Goddess Amb. Rachel Bakam aka Rachel the PIPER and the Federation’s Technical Director Fred Onwe represented Nigeria for the first time ever at the IWWF Cable Wakeboard WORLDCUP which held in Ayla Jordan. This has never happened before.  The President took to her social media excitedly with these posts all through the competition and outing:  “I am going ahead today and our Special Athelete @fredpharez  is coming monday. We are set for the International Water Ski and Wakeboard Federation World Cup” “HIIIIIIIII. HOPE YOUR DAY WENT WELL. WORDS FAIL ME WHAT A GRAND OPENING IT WAS TODAY OF THE WAKEBOARD WORLDCUP IN AYLA AQABA JORDAN. THE IWWF ARE AMAZING. VERY ORGANISED. THE PEOPLE OF JORDAN ARE SUPER SWEET. THEY LOVED MY BRAIDS AND ANKARA ENSEMBLE BY @cynthiamichaelshouseoffashion. LOADS OF PEOPLE WANTED A PICTURE. OUR NAIJA ROOOOCKS. GOT THE ATHELETES TO LOOK FORWARD TO COMING TO NIGERIA. THEY GREETED IN DIFFERENT NIGERIAN LANGUAGES INCLUDING JUU” “IT WAS FUUUUUUUN AND OUR ATHELETE FRED O. ARRIVED AND THRILLED EVERYONE WITH HIS CHARISMA. HE IS PARTICIPATING. SOOOOOO HAPPY” “Great News: The Super atheletes in the picture; World Champion Diego from Columbia and our brother from South Africa Jacque have promised to come to Nigeria to train interested people and other atheletes. They are up there in the picture. Yaaaaaay” “The only black panther flag flying proudly aside from South Africa in the IWWF CABLE WAKEBOARD WORLDCUP IN AYLA JORDAN HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. Watch live on facebook. Sent you link Above” “It’s a day to the Finals. Nigeria is the only black skin here. Except for the Rep from Ghana who just came in today but no athelete. We say kudos to us because really this is not usually a black skin sports. It’s extreme sports. We came to see, learn and try. The next one in Shangai, we will play properly there. Rocking a Made in Nigeria ensemble designed by me PIPER’S DYNASTY” “We appreciate our dear Patron Mr Francis Ogboro the President GB FOODS for the immerse support and making this trip a success. We thank our Patron Mr Uwe Goldstein for spurring us on” She also posted: “Marhaba dear Friends from beautiful Jordan. Fun in the middle of the desert at the same place Moses and Abraham lived. Places where we had the striking of the Rod by Moses to produce water from the rock. The rocks there are like pieces of Art work. Jordanians are descendants of Abraham through Ishmael. Nobody steals anything there. Can’t describe it all; Met the Prince of Jordan, Participated in the IWWF CABLE WAKEBOARD WORLD CUP IN AYLA and now we will prepare for Shangai….Watch out for facilities soon. Will keep you posted as to how to participate. I Rode a camel, horses etc. Speed desert convoy driving, mountain climbing and fun, dancing with Jordanians, food, fun, visit to historical Petra, etc Our last day and the rest of our days in Jordan were surreal and amaaaaaaaazing. Will show all on Scintillating Tv programme Rachel the PIPER on AIT 6pm- Saturday. Big thanks to our German partner Mr Uwe Goldstein and the IWWF for the amazing treatment. They made sure I sat on seats like 1F in the plane; all executive and VVIP treatment  Wow really exciting. Congratulations to the NWWF for making history and making Nigeria Proud DO WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE NIGERIAN WATER SKI AND WAKEBOARD FEDERATION?  The Nigerian Water Ski & Wakeboard Federation (NWWF) is a Sport organization under the Platform of Nigeria’s Ministry of Sports. It is responsible for water ski and wakeboard sports development in Nigeria and the world. It is also responsible for allocation and organizing Championships aimed at boosting job creation and tourism in Nigeria.  The federation was registered and was Officially Inaugurated by the former Minister of Sports and Chairman National Sports Commission DR. TAMMY W. DANAGOGO. It has also been offered a Letter of recogniition by the NIGERIA OLYMPICS COMMITTEE (NOC). We also pay regularly courtesy visits to the Minister of Sports Bar. Solomon Dalung.  NWWF is on the verge of creating standard Cable Wakeboard and Water ski facilities in Nigeria without which it is impossible to carry out this sport. The INTERNATIONAL WATER SKI AND WAKEBOARD FEDERATION have offered to establish a free training facility on Jabi Lake Abuja as it’s contribution to the NIGERIAN WATER SKI AND WAKEBOARD FEDERATION.  The new planned Cable Park offers the opportunity to expand the sports and tourism branch in Nigeria and of course grant Nigeria an opportunity to host a big international Competition sooner or later.  A Water Ski & Wakeboard Cableway answers many environmental questions. It blends neatly into any outdoor setting and is barely visible from a distance. It is powered by an electric motor, ensuring that the air and water are kept clean. Water cableways contribute to a great extent to regenerate and maintain the biological balance in waters. Since they also do not spoil the landscape, do not cause any noise or pollution of the water by oil, these cableways have become very popular recreation grounds doing no harm to the environment. Furthermore, due to the continuous splashing of water, cable water skiing / wakeboarding also introduces about 200 kg of oxygen into the water on an average day, equals 30 tones of oxygen per annum.  Our slogan/motto is “Discover yourself and shine bright on the water”. Our Mission is “To be an excellent and outstanding team which discovers talents and forges destinies ahead towards a better Nigeria and the world. ‘A pride of the INTERNATIONAL WATER SKI AND WAKEBOARD FEDERATION (IWWF)’, ‘A pride of NIGERIA, A pride of SPORTS and TOURISM.”  Our Aims and Objectives are: 1) To create awareness about Water Ski and Wakeboard SPORTS. 2)To discover talents through the Water Ski and Wakeboard Sport. 3)  To create enablement for destinies to soar. 4)  To make Water ski and Wakeboard a very enterprising sport in Nigeria. 5)  To build a very engaging and powerful sport team that can compete in any part of the world making Nigeria and the IWWF proud. 6)  To develop the sport and open up doors of Tourism around Nigeria through facilities that will be established. 7)To make Nigeria very attractive to tourists and international investors.  We look forward to working together as a team towards building a Federation that will add value to lives, destinies, the Sports sector, our leisure, tourism, and investment potentials: A FEDERATION THAT WILL EXCEL AND SHINE BRIGHT IN THE WHOLE WORLD. “A pride of the INTERNATIONAL WATER SKI AND WAKEBOARD FEDERATION (IWWF)’, ‘A pride of NIGERIA’ and ‘A pride of SPORTS and TOURISM.”The post The Nigerian Water Ski and Wake-Board Federation make history in Jordan (Photos) appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

Guy Smarts: Easy grilled shell-on shrimp with herbs

Easy grilled shell-on shrimp with herbs

Preheat the grill to direct, high heat. In a large bowl, toss the shrimp with 2 Tbsp olive oil and a big pinch each of salt and pepper.

Head­-on shrimp can be a hard sell for some, so it’s important to make them irresistibly delicious.

Here’s how.

What you’ll need:

1 lb shell-on shrimp (16 to 20 per pound), preferably with heads on
2 Tbsp olive oil, plus ¼ cup 
½ cup fresh herbs*
1 lemon, halved

How to make it:

1 Preheat the grill to direct, high heat. In a large bowl, toss the shrimp with 2 Tbsp olive oil and a big pinch each of salt and pepper.

2 Add the shrimp and grill until the shells turn deep pink and brown in spots, about 5 minutes.

3. Transfer the shrimp to a large clean bowl and toss with ¼ cup olive oil and herbs. Let it sit for a half hour or so while you grill other things.

4. Squeeze both halves of a lemon over everything. Lay down some news­paper; peel and eat the shrimp with crusty bread and white wine. Feeds 4.

*Thyme, mint, rosemary, and chives are a nice blend. In fact, any of the Scarbor­ough Fair herbs will work.

Breaking: CBN Directs Banks To Sell Forex To Customers/Non Customers, BDCs Get More Dollars 3X Weekly

SAN FRANCISCO, May 26, (THEWILL) – The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, has directed all banks to sell foreign exchange to anyone that is willing to purchase over the counter irrespective of whether the person is a customer or not, upon presentation of relevant documentation.

The apex bank said any bank that contravenes this directive will be sanctioned.

The CBN also increased the frequency of sales to licensed BDCs to three times weekly – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays instead of twice weekly.

“All Deposit Money Banks are mandated to buy and sell foreign currency to travelers (both customers and non customers) upon presentation of relevant valid travel documents such as visa and tickets OVER THE COUNTER. All travelers shall be attended to immediately at the bank’s counters. Any contravention will be sanctioned by the CBN.”

“It is compulsory that all BDCs Access Currency at least three times weekly.  Any BDC that fails to access the FX window at least three times weekly shall have their license reviewed by the CBN. Compliance is Compulsory,” it warned in a statement Saturday by Isaac Okorafor, its Ag. Director, Corporate Communications.

THEWILL gathered that the CBN will sell foreign exchange to BDCs on Mondays, the BDCs have Tuesdays to fund their accounts at the CBN and then come for another round of sales on Wednesdays, fund their accounts on Thursday and then purchase on Fridays. “This will make sufficient dollars available all days in the week… The BDCs must come and buy FX from the CBN and they must sell them all to end users,” a senior official of the bank told THEWILL.

The CBN move is coming following the naira’s surprising fall against the dollar by about four points in that past days in what analysts believe is caused by deliberate hoarding of the greenback by dealers. The naira had stabilised at around N360 – $1 at the open market for over three quarters before the current pressure.

There is a consensus amongst analysts polled recently that with $47.7 billion in foreign reserves and price of crude nearing $80 per barrel, the CBN has enough firepower to continue to strengthen and stabilise the naira against other currencies.

‘You were a Queen before him, You’ll be a Queen after him’ – Nicki Minaj dishes out Relationship Advice

American rapper Nicki Minaj had time today as she took to her twitter to give relationship advice to women.

The rapper revealed she had been proposed to 3 times as well asked by 4 of her previous partners if she would have their child. Nicki also spoke to women who are in toxic relationships, urging them to know their worth and not endure because of social media standards.

She added that they should strive for being equally yoked in the relationship stating that spirituality was key.

See her tweets below:
Nicki MinajNicki MinajNicki MinajNicki Minaj

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Real Madrid Vs Liverpool: Twitter blames ‘stupid’ Karius, hail Bale after Champions League final

Loris Karius and Karim Benzema

Twitter users revealed contrasting reviews for Gareth Bale, Sergio Ramos and Loris Karius.

Liverpool‘s 3-1 defeat to Real Madrid in the 2018 Champions League final on Saturday, May 26 was much talked about on Twitter as both teams had contrasting reviews after the game.

Players from both Liverpool and Real Madrid were scrutinised for their performances, but the most talked about were Mohamed Salah, Loris Karius and Gareth Bale.

Mohamed Salah forced off by Sergio Ramos

Coming into the Champions League final, Salah has been a talismanic figure for Liverpool and was identified as a threat, 30 minutes into the first half he was forced off by a tackle by Ramos which caused his severe pain in his shoulder, fans of Liverpool and Real Madrid took to Twitter to share their opinions.

Some supporters revealed that there was no malice intended by the Real Madrid skipper.


While some thought the accident was intentional to rule Salah out of the match.


Karius or Judas Iscariot?

Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius was singled out to blame for gifting Real Madrid two cheap goals in the final.


Gareth Bale steps out of Cristiano Ronaldo’s shadow

For a long time Gareth Bale has been criticised for hiding in the big games, but he exploded after being brought on with two match winning goals, and his performance were recognised on Twitter.


The Champions League final will be remembered for Gareth Bale’s two cracking goals which has set up a UEFA Super Cup meeting with neighbours Atletico Madrid at the start of next season.