Herdsmen attacks: Are calls for international intervention justified?

The issue of herdsmen killings is such that affects humanity. If something happens in a clime and it has evoked sympathy from all over the world, there is definitely nothing wrong getting assistance from elsewhere.

It appears that the Federal Government has a lot of limitations. So, if it (FG) calls for international assistance, there is nothing wrong with it. In the event of national disasters the world over, international help is often solicited and assistance comes into the affected country from all over. There is nothing really wrong with seeking international help when a problem appears to have overwhelmed a nation.

Killings by herdsmen have been with us for some time now and there appears no end in sight. So, for how long shall we continue to witness this bloodbath? For how long shall we continue to watch human beings being slaughtered? That is the more reason why when President Muhammadu Buhari visited the United States, President Donald Trump was very hard on us on the issue of herdsmen killings. He insisted that the killings by herdsmen, which appeared to be targeted at our Christian population, must stop.

So, with President Trump’s stance, if there is anything that the Federal Government will need in the form of assistance from the US or any other country, we should not be ashamed to receive help. Recall that Nigeria tried to get some weapons from the American government during the President Goodluck Jonathan era, but the American government under the previous administration was reluctant to help. So, if America now says it is willing to release whatever we need to assist us to solve the herdsmen problem, I do not think there is anything wrong with that.

Come to think of it, if the Nigerian government had the capacity to handle the herdsmen problem, I believe it could have handled it long before now. This is so because the killings by these herdsmen did not start today. But it became more ferocious as the present government came on board but it appears to be perplexed about the problem because anytime herdsmen carry out these heinous killings, the government would say they are on top of the situation until the problem assumed this dangerous level.

As far as I am concerned, if the international community wants to come to our aid, let them do it, there is nothing wrong with it. King Daniel Collins (Bayelsa-based traditional ruler/retired Permanent Secretary)

I want to believe that the call for international intervention is justified. In the first instance, President Muhammadu Buhari has set the tone for international intervention by saying the herdsmen and those who are killing Nigerians are from Libya. With the President conceding to that kind of fact, it means that the problem has transcended the borders of our nation. We also know that if we are to limit it to the herdsmen we are talking about, the herdsmen also cut across the international boundaries. They move across West Africa, even as far as East Africa. It is also important for us to know that the weapons they are using, both light and sophisticated weapons, are taken through a different route which is beyond Nigerian borders. Also in an attempt to classify the killer herdsmen as terrorists, the organization I belong to, #OurMuMuDonDo, submitted a petition to the Attorney-General of the Federation that they should be investigated as a terrorist group. Now, one of the reasons we are saying they should be investigated is so that the international community can take it as an additional responsibility to assist the government. There are a lot of ways the international community can support Nigeria in arresting these killings. Even President Donald Trump of United States said it when President Buhari visited him; that he would support Nigeria in tackling these killings. So, I believe that it is already confirmed by the international community that the calls by Prof. Wole Soyinka is justifiable; #OurMuMuDonDo has also made similar calls. I think time has come for this thing to go beyond the Nigerian government, so that it can get a holistic intervention and proactive response from neighbouring countries. •Ariyo Atoye (Activist and member, #OurMuMuDonDo coalition)

We should tread with caution when calling for international intervention in domestic matters. This is so because very small countries find it very difficult to sell out their rights as it were. We would always collaborate with foreign powers but for goodness sake, we should not allow any foreign force to come and completely take over the assignments that should have been carried out by the Nigerian Armed Forces or the Nigeria Police or even the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps. We have men and materials to handle this and it is absolutely important that we only collaborate with those who would be coming from outside. If for instance, the logistics needed to completely decimate Boko Haram; the United States and other super powers could assist with the provision of aircraft. The United Nations or other countries do not need to be here fully because it is not a peace keeping operation. So, we need to properly train and equip our army. The problem we had was more of inadequate supply of equipment, but now we are beginning to receive the equipment. We do not need to sell our independence to any country, nobody likes it. Nigeria is the largest country in Africa; we do not need all of that. •Chief Ernest Irek, (A former member of House of Representatives)

There is no need to call on the international community to come and solve our local problems. This is not rocket science, unless those in government today don’t want to be sincere, we have repeatedly said the solution to this problem is for the government to support a return of our cattle routes and reserves. Today, you find a situation where certain highly placed individuals, who retire either from the military or the civil service, take advantage of their friends in government to acquire a large expanse of land, not minding if the areas they are acquiring and fencing off are grazing reserves or grazing routes. Mark you, most of these routes have existed for centuries, some of them were gazetted right from the colonial era but today they have been forcefully taken over without alternatives provided; it is that bad. It is true that there are bad elements that have joined criminal gangs to perpetrate mayhem and this does not mean the Fulani people are responsible for every killing in areas where incidents of killing of farmers occur. We are also victims, our cows are forcefully taken from us, our wives and children are kidnapped for ransom by these criminal gangs; nobody considers us, we are human and Nigerians who have rights like all Nigerians. We cannot depend on the international community to solve all of our problems; we must sit down as a people and forge a way forward; that is the only way we can find a lasting solutions to this problem. •Ibrahim Bayero-Zango (Ex-National Publicity Secretary, Miyyeti Allah Cattle Breeders Association)

You don’t solve a local problem by internationalising it. As far as I know, this is a local problem which with sincerity of purpose we can solve. We can start by respecting our own laws, rules and regulations.  When people break the law there should be consequences. Let me ask this question; where else in the world do you have this kind of problem, even in smaller neighbouring countries? How are our neighbours like Cameroon and Benin dealing with such issues? Don’t they have herdsmen there? We must begin to enforce the provisions of the law.  I think what we need is the cooperation of our neighbours, not their intervention per se. •Abdullahi Jalo (Abuja-based legal practitioner)

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Marriott moves into Mali with Sheraton Bamako Hotel

Marriott International is set to mark its entry into Mali with the opening of Sheraton Bamako Hotel.

The opening will solidify Marriott International’s portfolio across West Africa and promises to revolutionise the hospitality landscape in the country through Sheraton’s distinct product offering coupled with its commitment to go above and beyond for its guests.

Alex Kyriakidis, President and Managing Director, Middle East and Africa, Marriott International said: “We are thrilled to build on Sheraton’s proud heritage in Africa that dates back to 1971. Over the last four decades, the brand has maintained its first mover advantage through strategic pipeline development and growth, giving global travellers access to more destinations across the continent.

“Sheraton Bamako Hotel not only marks our entry into a new country, but also serves as a great example of our transformation efforts around the brand.”

Sheraton Bamako Hotel is the outcome of a collaboration with Koira Holding Group, promoter of the project whose Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Cesse Kome said: “I am very proud to partner with Marriott International to bring the Sheraton brand into Mali and I am confident this hotel will set a new benchmark in hospitality within the country.”

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Fitness: This badass 4-week workout plan will transform your body

This badass 4-week workout plan will transform your body

Dynamic, explosive workouts-what experts refer to as “power” or “reactive” training-use leaps and bounds and jumps and throws to build functional strength and boost your athleticism.

Whether you’ve been cranking out sweat sessions all spring or you haven’t set foot inside the gym in months, right now is the perfect time to shake things up. And we’ve got the perfect twist.

Dynamic, explosive workouts-what experts refer to as “power” or “reactive” training-use leaps and bounds and jumps and throws to build functional strength and boost your athleticism.

They also engage more muscles with every rep and teach your nervous system to recruit those muscles faster, which helps burn more calories during your workout-and for hours after as well. Consider them your express ticket to a humming metabolism and a lean, strong bod.

Excited? Intimidated? Not to worry. “A lot of people feel daunted by the speed of some of the moves, which is totally understandable,” says Joe Dowdell, owner of the Dowdell Fitness Systems online coaching program.

Our four-week challenge isn’t about endless burpees and box jumps. Instead, we’re setting you up with doable moves that naturally build momentum as you work your way through the plan, so you feel stronger and fitter and more confident, all summer long.

This exclusive power-training program was created by Dowdell to inject the right dose of fitness dynamite to deliver smokin’ results. You’ll complete three sessions each week on nonconsecutive days, alternating between workout A and workout B.

You’ll also pencil in one full rest day per week and use the other three days for your choice of activity-a workout at your favorite fitness studio, a game of catch with the kiddos, a long run, or a little extra active recovery. 

Here’s the breakdown:


The switch-up of strength moves throughout the week is clutch for this plan’s success: Both workouts are a spin on what’s known as Post-Activation Potentiation (or PAP), in which you perform a strength-based exercise just before a power-based one with a similar movement pattern.

Yet each has a slightly different emphasis (workout A focuses on linear movements, workout B focuses on multidirectional ones). This helps you squeeze more muscle power out of every sweat session. To complete workouts A and B, just follow the moves in order. Do the first two moves, repeat those for a total of three sets, and then do three sets of the second pair of moves-and finally three sets of the third pair of moves (for nine rounds total).

This article originally appeared in the June 2018 issue of Women’s Health magazine. For more great workouts, pick up a copy on newsstands now!

Yahoo boy sells bakery owned by white man to another white man in Benin

A Twitter user identified King ANi Nomso has revealed the frantic efforts made by security operatives to arrest from internet fraudsters in Benin, South-south part of Nigeria.

This is coming as an internet fraudster reportedly sold a bakery belonging to a white man to another white man for N25 million.

According to Ani Nomso, the fraudster was confident enough to take his victim around the bakery in question.

This has prompted members of the Edo State Police Command to engage in the widespread arrest of suspected internet scammers.

Nonso announced, “SARS in anger are picking boys around the area. As far as you are breathing, you are a thief”.

He went on to reveal that the police intended to storm the premises of the University of Benin but school authorities denied them entry.

The gist has gone viral on Twitter with nobody coming out as at press time to debunk the rumour.

Read his tweets below:

A Yahoo boy in Benin sold a Bakery owned by a White Man to another White Man. The Yahoo boy actually took the White Man round the Bakery like its his own??

SARS in anger are picking Boys around the area. As far as you are breathing, you are a thief??

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Fake pastor arrested for N1.1 Billion contract scam

Operatives of EFCC in the Port Harcourt’s Zonal Office, have arrested a fake Pastor James Ezekiel for defrauding an unsuspecting victim the sum of N1, 330, 000.00 (One Million, Three Hundred Thousand Naira) only by deceiving him to enlist as one of the “financiers” of a spurious contract in the sum of N1,800,000,000.00( One Billion, Eight Hundred Million Naira) only.

Ezekiel, a purported “Presiding Pastor of One Touch Power Ministry” , Agudama, Epie, Bayelsa State, allegedly claimed to have won a contract for the roofing of a church cathedral belonging to the Salvation Ministries in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

He reportedly put the contract sum at N1,800,000,000.00 and showed a contract award letter to his victim. He also wooed his victim to collaborate with him as one of the “financiers” of the contract. He allegedly promised the victim mouth- watering interests on his ” investment”.

Troubles came for Ezekiel when the victim demanded a repayment of his money with the interests.

EFCC’s investigations showed that Ezekiel delayed making payments to his victim by deceiving him that he had been paid the sum of N800,000,000.00 (Eight Hundred Million Naira) only as mobilization fees for the contract but could not access the funds because “his company’s account had been frozen by the EFCC”. He also contrived a fake EFCC’s e-mail message notifying him of the freezing of the account. The victim sensed foul play and petitioned the EFCC.

Further investigations showed that the Salvation Ministries did not award any contract to Ezekiel and no transfer of N800,000,000.00 was made into his company’s account.

Besides, the e-mail address he ascribed to the EFCC does not belong to the Commission.

The suspect allegedly initiated the scam to fraudulently obtain money from the petitioner and other unsuspecting members of the public.

The suspect is in the custody of the EFCC and would be charged to court soon.

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22 year old Lady says she feels great loosing her virginity to a man who is 41 years older than her

A 22-year-old woman who is dating a 64-year-old man says losing her virginity to him was “great” and hailed his “patience in the bedroom.”

The woman, who wishes to be known only as Molly, said her boyfriend Tom is the first man she has slept with, and that their 41 and a half year-age gap has helped Tom hone his impressive technique.

Molly told Metro US:

He’s been my only one so I can’t compare to anyone else. He has been patient with me in life and in the bedroom. It’s great, we have lots of fun.

Molly and Tom met in 2016 at the Pennsylvania flea market where they both work after Molly took over her parents’ stand as her mother battled cancer.

She says she was immediately attracted to her fellow vendor and that they had their first date shortly after she confessed her feelings to a friend.

Molly said:

I got a major crush on him, and was telling my friend one weekend. The next weekend he asked me out to the beer and wine festival. I had to get my parent’s permission, since I still lived with them. We went out after that on thrifting trips and we texted a lot. He even took me to my friend’s mother’s funeral.

The texting eventually led to flirting and that eventually led to our first kiss on October 31 2016.

Molly’s father is 22 years younger than Tom but that hasn’t deterred her from starting a life together with her much older lover, who is old enough to be her grandfather.

We currently live together and we get along with each other’s family well. We are both pretty odd and get along well. I collect dolls and he collects local history items, among our many other collections.

Our music taste is pretty much the same and we bonded over songs, that was very important, we both like odd and out there bands and we had some in common from the beginning.

Our favorite band, that I turned him on to, is Big Black Delta, it’s very important to us. I go to parties that his friends throw and it’s nice, drinking and card games, tame and very fun.

Molly said that initially she was “solely attracted to him based on looks.” She added that as time went on she “fell in love with (Tom) as a whole person, adding:

He’s so wonderful and is like a prime example of an excellent boyfriend.

She said that, despite the huge age gap, they have much in common, including a shared sense of humor and love of practical jokes.

The couple, who have no plans to get married or have children, faced opposition from Molly’s parents, who she says “Weren’t happy at all.” Since they began dating, her mother has lost her cancer battle, with Molly saying that her stepmother has been supportive of her relationship.

She said that their relationship can also make middle-aged women paranoid, explaining:

We really haven’t had any encounters where our ages were an issue. There have been a few times where middle aged women haven seen me hanging on him and they proceed to hang on their husbands, give us dirty looks and one even had her husband look at us. I find that very funny though.

She insists that she “won’t mind” caring for Tom if he gets an age-related illness as he gets older, and says caring for her sick mom has given her experience of looking after a loved-one who is ill.

Asked for her response to anyone who criticizes their age-gap love, Molly said:

Tom is 64 but I honestly just, don’t see him as 64? He’s just Tom to me. I’m the youngest he has dated.

As long as your not hurting anyone, not breaking laws and are happy and comfortable, do whatever you want. I’m in a very difficult place in my life that I know a younger guy couldn’t help me through and Tom is very patient with me, which I really need in my life.

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Girl Smarts: ‘My upset stomach turned out to be a coffee intolerance’

‘My upset stomach turned out to be a coffee intolerance’

It wasn’t until I was 19, when a friend handed me a small iced coffee after a late night out, that I even tasted the stuff.

I’m not really sure how my coffee addiction even started. As a high-energy kid who used to (literally) run around in circles, I had never even considered it.

It wasn’t until I was 19, when a friend handed me a small iced coffee after a late night out, that I even tasted the stuff.

I thought it was pretty disgusting at the time…but I needed the boost on a sluggish morning.

Fast forward to 2018. I’m in my early thirties and have lived in the over-caffeinated city of New York since college. It’s hard to imagine a life without my trusty drink of choice.

It’s there for me when I need a pick-me-up, or for a formal business meeting, or even an impromptu bitch sesh with coworkers. It keeps me going, no matter how little sleep I’ve had.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that I might have a coffee intolerance.

‘It all started with a food sensitivity test.’

I had always assumed I was sensitive to certain foods. As a teenager, I struggled with cystic acne that seemed exacerbated by dairy and chocolate. But over the years, and after a course of Accutane, my skin cleared up and I stopped paying such close attention to what I was eating.

But in recent months, I’d been feeling more anxiety-prone than normal, my skin was experiencing minor breakouts, and my stomach was regularly upset. (Like every time I drank coffee, I felt a powerful need to go…TMI!) I wondered if maybe coffee wasn’t agreeing with me like it used to.

So when someone at Next Health, a Los Angeles medspa, suggested I take a Vibrant Wellness food sensitivity test, I decided to try it. I was already there, trying out a different beauty service (cryotherapy!), so I figured, Why not?

While there are several different kinds of tests to assess food allergies, the one I took measured levels of IgG, an antibody produced by white blood cells, says Tania Dempsey, M.D. who focuses on food sensitivities, among other things, in her practice. “The thought is that if a patient has high levels of IgG to a certain food, then that must indicate that the immune system is fighting it or trying to reject it,” she says.

However, she admits IgG levels are not a perfect science-this kind of test is something that you shouldn’t just take at face value.

When the test results were emailed to me a few weeks later, I was shocked to discover that I had higher levels of IgG to a wide variety of foods like beef, chicken, lobster, and even black pepper.

‘But the biggest culprit? Coffee.’

Uh, what?? According to Megan Retterath, the nurse practitioner at Next Health, my test indicated that coffee (and other foods) triggered a reaction in my body meant to turn me off from future consumption.

“Intolerance to coffee is not that uncommon and can manifest differently in each person, while an allergy to coffee is less common but not unheard of,” adds Dempsey. “Reactions, whether they are from allergy or intolerance, can come from compounds in the coffee or to the caffeine itself.”

According to Dempsey, the most common symptoms of coffee intolerance include:

  • skin rashes

  • hives and acne

  • abdominal pain and cramps

  • mouth ulcers

In order to confirm the results of the test, Retterath suggested that I consider an elimination diet-removing all triggers from my system for a set period of time before slowly re-introducing them one at a time, to see which caused problems. 

That meant nixing all the foods that were flagged by the test as triggers: beef, chicken, halibut, shrimp, lobster, carrots, watermelon, black pepper, and of course, coffee.

There was no room for cheating, either. Not even for the smallest iced coffee. “If you’re still consuming foods that you are sensitive to, such as coffee, you are still having your immune system respond and ramp up-which is the exact opposite response we want,” Retterath says.

It would be an all or nothing task.

‘I’ll admit, I had to psych myself up for a good two weeks.’

I picked a date far in the future, and set a reminder with Siri.

When that day finally rolled around, I figured I couldn’t go cold turkey on caffeine. So my morning Dunkin’ Donuts run was more of a swap-iced green or black teas became the norm, per Retterath’s recommendation. And while tea offers nowhere near the jolt that coffee supplies, it did spare me a giant, caffeine-related migraine later in the day.

After a week of no coffee, and more limited caffeine, I started to see subtle changes. My skin seemed to have cleared up a bit. My sleep-which had always been solid regardless of my caffeine intake-seemed more refreshing. I was noticeably (and yes, TMI again) less gassy and had a less upset stomach, and I also didn’t wake up bloated in the mornings. In fact, I felt really healthy overall, and like something was changing.

So I attempted to remove some of the other foods indicated on my test.

About a month in, I had mostly forgotten about coffee and its many pleasures. Sure, I got a lot of confused glances from friends, family and even strangers when I mentioned I wasn’t drinking coffee. But overall I was feeling great-maybe the healthiest I’ve ever felt in my life.

Six weeks went by, then eight, then ten. And that’s when I caved.

‘I know, I know. I started drinking coffee again.’

Did I explode? No, of course not. Did I see a visible change in my body? You betcha.

Though my skin did not break out, when I started drinking coffee again, it instantly felt duller and was generally more agitated. My stomach felt bloated too, the same way it had been in the mornings before I started the elimination diet-even though I hadn’t re-introduced any other foods.

I immediately reached out to the folks at Next Health. Could this reaction confirm that I really was sensitive to coffee?

The short answer: maybe. But part of my reaction could have been as simple as my body readjusting to coffee after a long absence, says Darshan Shah, M.D., Retterath’s colleague at Next Health.

“Because coffee is an acidic beverage and an irritant, it can sometimes cause bloating if your gastrointestinal system has not developed a tolerance to it,” he says.

Other culprits could be lactose intolerance (to creamer) or IBS, says Shah. It would take further testing to truly get to the root cause.

From my own experiment, I can say that there’s definitely something about coffee that seems to upset my stomach and skin. I definitely felt way better during those months where I wasn’t drinking the stuff. But even though I’ve significantly cut my coffee intake…old habits die hard.

My goal is to get back to a place of being coffee-free in the near distant future. Java just doesn’t seem to jive well with me.

Democracy Day: Muslim Public Servants pray for Ambode

•As Chief Imam calls for continuity in Lagos

The Chief Imam at the Lagos State Secretariat Mosque, Alausa, Alhaji Muhammed Abulbakri Raji, has called on all Muslims to support the re-election bid of   Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, following his numerous landmark achievements, which have significantly transformed the State and bringing unprecedented, rapid development, and unparallel infrastructural growth.

At the Jumat Service and Special prayer organized by the Lagos Ministry of Home Affairs in celebration of Democracy Day, the Presiding Imam, Alhaji Raji, highlighted Governor Ambode’s numerous  achievements, saying  Ambode was God fearing, upright and kept promises.

According to him, “Ambode does not discriminate, he is passionate for Lagos and cares for Lagosians; he is very responsive to their wishes and desires. These are sterling qualities a Muslim should possess; though Gov. Ambode is a Christian, he has the qualities of a righteous Muslim; in the past three years of his administration, he has worked assiduously and his noble efforts have yielded tremendous outcomes never witnessed before in Nigeria.  Governor Ambode deserves a second term.”

Akinwunmi Ambode

He added that Ambode should be commended for sustaining the level of safety and security of the State, and  for the prompt actions he took to stamp out Badoo Cults and kidnappers when they threatened the State with their devilish and dastardly acts. He also said that the Governor should be supported for bringing development to the grassroots and impacting positively in the lives of ordinary Lagosians from all walks of lives.

In his own remarks, the Commissioner for Home Affairs, Dr. AbdulHakeem AbdulLateef said, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode would not relent in his efforts to transform Lagos to a SMART City that would be the pride of all Africans and would always implement programmes and projects to keep the State in the fore-front of development. He said Lagosians should continue to support the re-election bid of  Governor Akinwunmi, just as he enjoined all Muslims, in this month of Ramadan and beyond, to be pious, act well and be truthful in all their conducts.





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Fitness: Exactly how much Instagram star Anna Victoria works out every week

Exactly how much Instagram star Anna Victoria works out every week

But that's not necessarily the case-at least, not for personal trainer and Body Love App creator Anna Victoria.

If you follow any fit-fluencer on Instagram, you’re probably under the impression they work out 24/7 (because, well, literally all they post about is fitness).

But that’s not necessarily the case-at least, not for personal trainer and Body Love App creator Anna Victoria.


“People think Instagram trainers live in the gym, but it’s absolutely not true,” Anna told WomensHealthMag.com at an event celebrating the launch of her activewear capsule collection with K-Deer. “On average, I work out five days a week.”

Anna says she focuses on hitting six total sessions-three strength, plus three cardio, and abs during the week. But rather than spread them out over six days, she’ll often double up sessions once a week, leaving two full days for rest. She sticks to the training in her Body Love App, which means 30-minute workouts.

“Rest is just as important as your workout days,” Anna says. “I have people message me and say ‘I don’t want to take a rest day, I don’t want to lose progress.’ But I tell them, ‘you’re probably losing progress because you’re not taking a rest day.'”

In fact, just recently Anna had to take three full weeks off from her workouts. “I had the flu, so I was out a week and a half. Then it was my one-year anniversary with my husband in Hawaii,” she says. In Hawaii, she decided not to pressure herself to hit the gym on her usual schedule. “Sometimes I would want to go-but since we had hiking and other active things planned, I didn’t feel the need to get a traditional workout in.”


While she felt a little guilty about taking so much time off at first, “as time went on I realized I needed to listen to my body,” says Anna. “And three weeks, in the grand scheme of things, is not going to throw you off. At least, as long as you don’t let it.”


Other times, however-like when she only has time to squeeze in a workout at 6 a.m., but really doesn’t feel like getting out of bed-Anna says she avoids overthinking it.

“I try not to focus too much on motivation, because it does come and go so much. I try to be dedicated, and go even when I don’t feel like it. I call it robot mode,” she laughs.”I’m a huge procrastinator and I make a lot of excuses. If I think about it too much, I’ll just come up with every excuse in the world.”

(Instagram phenoms, they’re just like us!)