Payday Investor: The Investment Mobile App

ARM has launched Nigeria’s first mobile investment application called Payday Investor. The launch took place at the SLAY Fest in Lagos. Investment is simply allocating money or other resources in expectation of future benefits. Every day, investments are made, and these investment choices help people, communities and countries build wealth and achieve desired goals.

payday investorpayday investorpayday investorpayday investorpayday investor

This Payday investor application is set to fill the gap of investment awareness among millennials in communities, giving them a platform that allows them to invest towards their goals while getting competitive returns. The sole aim of the Payday Investor app is to increase financial awareness and bring about the inclusion of the younger section of society in the financial circle.

payday investorpayday investorpayday investorpayday investorpayday investor

This investment tool has an interface which allows you to set different goals, make your investments through the market funds and receive returns. The app is available in the apple store and play store.


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